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a solitaire micro storygame by flyinggrizzly, for the #sadmechjam

FRACTure HEART is  1-player journalgame or storygame in which you go on a journey to return to your beloved from a never ending war. It plays in 20 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the detail of your journaling).

You are a Soldier, fighting in the Lasting War. When it started, they called it the Last War, the war that would end war. Now though, you call it the Lasting War. The war that never ends.

You pilot a giant warmachine called a FRACT. FRACTs were created for this war, to bring a speedy conclusion. FRACTs were also designed to keep a record of the heroic pilots who fought to end all war.  Your FRACT is recording you even now. It might even bring you comfort to know your constant companion will remember every minute detail of your life.

You have been through hell and back with your FRACT. It alone, in all the world, has been by your side for all of it. You know it more intimately than anyone else in the world.

Now though, it is time to return to your beloved. You take your FRACT, and set out across the wastes to find your beloved once more. You do not know if they will be as you remember them, or even alive. But you must try.

Five ordeals and the wastes stand in your way.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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